About Us

We are a UK based responsible broker who partners with direct lender who access to local financing and no extra fees.

About us

THL Direct is more than a short-term money broker.

We are your partners in solving financial emergencies responsibly, quickly and compassionately. Unlike banks and others who charge high fees, who involve a bunch of middlemen and make computerised lending decisions, THL Direct does things differently. We get to know you. We seek to understand your unique circumstances, and we match you with the most suitable lender or partner from our panel.


We keep costs competitive by eliminating up-front fees. Without these costs, our partner companies can always charge a competitive rate of interest on the money you borrow. This, in turn, saves you hundreds of pounds and helps us earn your trust for the long-term relationships we value.


Your Neighbours and Your Financial Partners

THL Direct is based right here in the UK.

We serve UK families like yours by helping to make loans of £150 up to £3000 available at a fair interest rate and with no added fees. We’ve built a reputation for creating strong relationships with all of our customers. These guiding principles help us help you solve financial emergencies, and help to keep costs lower than many others in our industry. So whether you need a direct loan for an emergency car repair, special occasion, or simply to have some cash on hand, we are here for you.

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