Payday Loans


 £200 loan taken out over 3 Months (83 days).
Annual rate of interest 292% fixed.
 Cost of credit £113.08
 Monthly Payments: £104.36, £104.36 and £104.36.
Total amount payable: £313.08


Payday Loans- always online 24/7

As a Payday Loans lender our application form is online and can be simply completed from a Mobile, laptop or PC using the Apply Here button above; ( it only takes a couple of minutes to complete and is straightforward with THLD.

There will be a few simple questions regarding your residential status, income, employment, income and expenditure and the bank account details to let us send your money to the right place.

We take special steps to ensure your personal details are stored safely and securely with us when you complete your Instalment loan application online.

After you have completed the online application it is sent to our in-house underwriters who will carry out some checks and let you know if your application for a Pay Day Loan has been accepted.

We will ask you to call in to speak to our in house underwriters to complete the final checks to ensure that any loan meets our responsible lending criteria, suitability requirements and affordability checks.

As part of the process THLD will provide you with Pre-contractual information that gives you the main features of your Payday Loan, details the cost, the term of the loan, how your loan is repaid and the steps to take if you are unable to make your repayment. It is important you read this information carefully. To accept the agreement we request you electronically sign the agreement which is simple and easy to do.

After we have carried out our remaining checks we will approve the loan and it will be sent directly to your nominated bank account. We send out monies at regular intervals throughout the day.

Lending Criteria

To be accepted for an Instalment loan with THL Direct, clients have to meet the following criteria;

  • Over 18 years old
  • Live in the UK and be a UK resident
  • Employed
  • Have a Valid Debit Card
  • Your income is paid into your bank account
  • Contact details are valid and working
  • Not currently in a Individual Voluntary arrangement (IVA), Debt management plan (DM Plan) or currently taking proceeding for bankruptcy (BKO)

If you have any questions or queries please visit our frequently asked questions page or call us on 0330 223 0177 and we will be happy to help.

Cost of the Loans

The cost of the loan is daily interest of 0.8% on the amount you borrow, please see our representative example

We don’t charge any upfront fees, late fees, late interest or default fees.

REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE: £200 loan taken out over 3 Months (83 days). Annual rate of interest 292% fixed. Cost of credit £113.08. Monthly Payments: £104.36, £104.36 and £104.36. Total amount payable: £313.08

We would like to offer loans at a lower APR as an Instalment lender but the rate is calculated as the loan is over the period of a year.

Payday Loan Amounts

As a new customer currently the maximum loan amount is £125. As a returning customer you will be able to increase your loan up to £550. We ensure that any loan meets our responsible lending criteria, suitability requirements and affordability checks.

Can I pay my loan of Early?

Yes, If you would like to pay your Payday loan off early you will be not charged any additional exit or penalty fees and can clear the balance at any time- Please telephone  or Email our customer services team who will happily help you through this process.

Responsible Lending Payday Loans

At THLD we are committed to Responsible lending and have been serving families like yours for more than 10 years – We always put the interest of our customers at the heart of all the decisions we make.

We have built a reputation for creating strong relationships with all our customers and making Responsible lending Key within our business.

We regularly review feedback from our customers and adapt and change with their needs with the loans that we offer.

Our loans are for short term use only and not to be utilised to manage current debt or long term commitments.

THL Direct (THLD)

  • Online applications
  • Direct Lender for Payday Loans
  • UK based
  • In house underwriting