Most common asked Questions

Dealing with hundreds of enquiries every day we are asked all sorts of questions and have to address many of our valued borrowers concerns twenty four hours a day below are some of our most asked questions;

  • How much can I borrow? We offer Instalment loans of up to £500 but you should only borrow amounts you can easily repay. We underwrite all applications.
  • How long can I borrow the money for? THL Direct offer three month instalment loans as they are designed as short term finance. We usually set up your repayments on your pay days.
  • How do I apply? Applications are made online these can be made at any time and each will be individually assessed, simply follow the instructions and ensure you answer all the questions asked.
  • Can I speak to a human being? At THL Direct Ltd we greatly value our close communication with our borrowers, we will always speak to our borrowers to make sure they understand the process and effect of a three month instalment loan and to make sure our loans are still appropriate for our customers. 
  • How soon will you tell me if I am successful? THL Direct Ltd will tell you on the same day if it is a working day. We will also keep you informed of the process by email or telephone call.
  • How much will a loan cost me? You will be charged interest on a daily basis of 0.8% as a maximum on the capital borrowed. In other words for £100 borrowed you will be charged 80p per day as a maximum. If you default on your loan we reserve the right to charge additional fees up to a maximum of £15. All of THL Direct Ltd’s loans are subject to a cap where you will never pay more than double the original capital you borrowed.
  • How quickly will I receive my money? Once approved your funds will be credited into your nominated account the same day as cleared funds.
  • How do I repay my loan? Your payments will be debited off your debit card linked to the account your pay goes into. Your payments will be calculated on your daily balance depending on the days in the month and amount borrowed. This is called a continuous payment authority (CPA) and this is part of your agreement process. You can also make ad hoc payments on line or over the phone with our customer service teams.
  • Can I pay my loan off early? You can call us anytime to get a settlement figure for your loan we calculate to the day the amount outstanding our loans are very flexible and cost effective.
  • Can I cancel my loan? Yes of course at any time during your application you can change your mind we will simply cancel your application. Note that if we have carried out a credit search at that point we will be unable to remove it from your file.
  • What if I cannot repay my loan? We hope you will never be in this position as you should never contemplate taking out finance unless you are sure you can repay it. THL Direct Ltd understands however that life has a habit of getting in the way of the best made plans. So if the worst happens contact us immediate we will do our best to help you as we take our responsibility to our vulnerable borrowers really seriously. We can also help you with much information and get you some useful free debt advice

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