Same Day Loans

These loans are designed to be quick and easy, they used to be widely called payday loans these days they are often called same day loans as they can be applied and received all on the same day. Typically these days short term finance are applied for online and depending on the underwriting procedure, including a series of credit and affordability checks; cleared funds are usually credited to the borrowers account on the same day.

Flexible affordable finance is the aim these high cost short term loans over one month or three month loans. Many of these loans are flexible so you can settle it early or make overpayments to save you money.

You should never consider these same day loans as a long term solution and they are not meant to help in cases of financial hardship. There are numerous ways of getting free debt advice if you are in financial difficulties.

Same day loans are designed for emergencies often life’s little events that are total unexpected;

Car failing the MOT

Boiler breakdown

Flood at home, broken pipes

Car breakdowns is a common reason people apply to THL Direct Ltd with a same day loan, after all the school run will not wait and often of course, commuters need to get to work every day.

These same day loans mean you can get the repairs done quickly and then repay your loan over the agreed term as a one off event. This way you can take back control of the situation and your payments giving you time to repay the loan largely at a time of your choosing.

People get paid in different ways some by cheque some by BACS some weekly or monthly some lucky workers get paid bonuses all or which can be used to repay your same day loan.

THL Direct Ltd will let you pay off your normal monthly instalments and overpay your loan and save money. We calculate the interest you pay on a daily basis which makes THL Direct Ltd a cost effective way to repay the loan.

You can apply anytime on using your mobile, PC or tablet we will ask you a few questions about your situation our underwriting procedure is designed to make sure our Instalment loan product is suitable for you. Therefore we may ask you some questions about the data you provided and the affordability of the loan repayments.

Our friendly team are available on 0330 223 017 so call today.

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