Reasons Payday loans make good sense?

Payday loans or short term finance are generally to pay for things that aren’t part of your normally monthly expenditure like getting your car fixed or boiler repairs. They help when you haven’t planned for the expenditure and need a little help.

It essential to take out a Payday loan for the correct reasons, it’s important to assess your reasons and work out if you can afford the monthly payments , it makes sense to make responsible decisions about your finances.

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These are some reasons why a payday may be a good choice rather than some others forms of credit.

Reasons Payday loans make good sense?

1.Take out the loan, use then get it paid off

They are designed to help you pay for the unexpected costs that we all have but haven’t budgeted for . Your car might need some extra work to get it through the MOT or you need a new washing machine and the clothes are piling up!

A payday loan can help you with this short term need and can be paid off over a few months to reduce the load, you can apply for a loan 24 hours a day- It will allow you to get the extra money you need to get the new appliance or get your car back on the road and can be paid off over the next 3 months- Then once it’s paid off you are done.

2. No need to secure the money on your house or car.

Payday loans  are unsecured, so you can borrow without the worry of your house or Car being used as security so your biggest assess aren’t at Risk.

Having said this , we recommend you make the monthly payments to save you getting any adverse credit marked on your credit file or being charged any late payments fee’s.  Please remember they are designed to help you pay for the unexpected costs that we all have but haven’t budgeted for . They are in place to help you with short –term emergencies but not for borrowing over a long period of time or for anyone facing financial difficulties.

Finance companies know we are part of a “buy it today “and “pay in the future” culture and they use this to their advantage especially around expensive times of the year. Particularly those who may be having financial issues might be tempted to raise their credit limit on store or credit cards to fill in a gap and they will be paying the credit back over a long period of time , maybe even years if only the minimum payment is being made.

Payday loans or instalment loans, on the other side of the coin give you the money when its most needed for an agreed amount helping you from over spending- then its paid off over 3 months – Once it’s paid off you are done.

3. Simple to do-

When looking at Payday loans against personal loans or credit cards they are much simpler to do and generally paid out on the same day

THL Direct looks at new applications throughout the day and the money is ready to send to your nominated bank account. The application form is simple to complete and straightforward online, you are always welcome to call us to help you if you have any questions. We have a UK call centre and always ready to help.

4. Flexible and easy to apply

Payday loans are a good way to get money in a hurray paid off in a few months, instead of paying back over a long period of time. Its essential that you look at your finances and are able to pay back the monthly amount as part of your monthly income. If you can’t afford to back it back, don’t apply for the loan and look into other available options.

If you want to find out more about loans at THL Direct click on the link or call us on 0330 2230177 and speak to our uk call centre.

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